Brenden Franz – Former weekly writer and reviewer “Rip It Up Magazine” - Abridged Version.

Searing licks which compliment the music perfectly. For the most part it’s one cool riff after another, however Loaded Billy also take time out for some haunting acoustic passages. For an album which appears to have been recorded and produced without the big budget assistance of Record Label backing, ‘Legend’ is indeed an impressive effort which should stand up on its own. The production is flawless as the performances themselves. Loaded Billy have a loaded cannon here – what happens next is anyone’s guess but I wish them all the luck in the world”

The RockPit

The RockPit – World premiere ‘Boys Run Wild Jun 9, 2023 Loaded Billy create an amalgam of intelligently crafted melodies, soaring vocals, big riff driven guitars and a pounding kick arse rhythm section that explore a variety of topics about people and the world

Jasmine Tan – Happy Mag

Jasmine Tan – Happy Mag July 2023 “I came across your track ‘Boys Run Wild' and wanted to reach out. Absolutely love the guitar parts in this song, the tone also drives the song so well. Nice one!”


Hysteria – World premiere ‘Scarlet’ Jul20, 2023 Tiana Speter ‘Scarlet’ runs rampart with a rock n roll spine alongside a narrative fit for the silver screen. Loaded Billy once again prove they can dish up the riffs and a riotous good time like nobody’s business

Anne Martin recommends Loaded Billy. Oct 9th 2022 Facebook

Anne Martin recommends Loaded Billy. Oct 9th 2022 Facebook “The whole band are perfection, each band member deserves a standing ovation”

Kim KX photography Aug 19th 2022 Facebook

Kim KX photography Aug 19th 2022 Facebook “Just when I thought Loaded Billy couldn't get any better, last night proved me wrong. Amazing talent, every single one of them.” Nov 6th 2022 Facebook “These two (James Chamings & Cindy Brown) have incredible singing abilities, but when they sing together, omg, it's as if the heavens have opened. Absolutely amazing!”

Sean Thompson – Fan ‘Legend’ album preview.

“The bass tone and rhythm arrangements are really strong on every song. Tight drum fills and fat, rolling bass. The guitar is nice and crunchy, and the vocals are strong and clear; makes it easy to understand the lyrics”

David Sanders Universal Music Group

A+ sound! Try submitting your music to UMG. Keep me updated :)

Trippin Thru the Graveyards – Coast FM 88.7 FM

Caught a fantastic band this arvo Loaded Billy who play heavy originals n' covers of Budgie n' Floyd. Gonna play a cuppla songs from their set list tonite.

Amanda Thomas, Former managing director Star Entertainment

You guys are absolutely brilliant”

The Almighty Fallen - Ireland

Great songs guys and awesome vocals! Love 'Devil in the Tin' Rifftastic!!

Robert Machado (REVERBNATION)

Awesome sound: can't imagine how killer you would sound in a recording studio. Demerol Dream and Swamp Moon - awesome tracks

Conjuring Fate – Heavy Metal band Belfast

Sounding freat lads! Some great guitar work there! Keep on rockin!

Soldiers Of Scrape – Detroit Metal band USA

Hell Yeah! Loaded Billy..Killer Tunes! Keep Rockin! Metalheads Unite!

Triinno MuZik Minneapolis MN

“great music, I’m a fan”Rank

Karen Plisko, award winning songwriter and artist

“Big fat sound - there was light and shade - great melodies - unique - worth seeing”

Tony Savage, Former Chairman South Australian Rock Hall of Fame

“I just gotta say, a great band, where’s the album I’ve got to get it”


“Bloody guitarist!. Nice work”


Fleximus TrickyTsunami Maximu

“Good shit blokes! Sounds fat for a 4 pce”

Yolanda Fox (#1 Progressive RnB-Dance artist in San Diego)

“Love your sound”

Alan D Edwards (Facebook)

Fucking grouse page man oh and top music I love it big time ;-)

Bruce Alderson

Great show, awesome live sound. excellent work with the music, clever riffs and solid progressions. Great dynamics on vocals. Rock on Billie